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HB-DJ806 Linear Actuator
hb-dj806 potentiometer 30-1000mm brushed temp. switches 5.5-80mm linear actuator IP66 12V 24V
HB-DJ809 Linear Actuator
hb-dj809 potentiometer 30-1000mm brushed temp. switches linear actuator 12v 24v hall sensor
HB-DJ830 Linear Actuator
actuator 50-1000mm brushed temp. switches hall linear actuator 12v hall effect sensor 24v
HB-DJ830P Linear Actuator
50-1000mm brushed switches 2000n-7000n linear actuator IP65 12V 24V
HB-DJ808 Linear Actuator
actuator potentiometer 50-1000mm brushed switches linear actuator 12v 24v IP65 hall sensor
HB-DJ805G Linear actuator
actuator potentiometer 50-1000mm brushed IP66 linear actuator manual override
HB-DJ850 Electrodydraulic Actuator
actuator 50-600mm brushed protection vibration withstand electrohydralic linear actuator
HB-DJ819 Linear Actuator
actuator dc brushed 48v 220vac 50-600mm brushless speed low linear actuator 12v
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